Shock absorber bags were originally developed for use in automobiles.  Along with the automotive industry, we have since branched out into numerous commercial and recreational vehicle applications.

Today, not only do we have the capability to manufacture over 125 different bags, but our bags can also be found in a variety of OEM and aftermarket industry uses.  Our bags are used for the following, in both domestic and international markets:

  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Racing vehicles/sprint car/hot rod
  • Snowmobiles
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction
  • Railway applications/high speed trains
  • Both light and heavy-duty suspension systems

Our Product at Work

The Beginning.

The very idea of the shock absorber bag was conceived in order to deliver a product that would aid in the control of aeration of oil inside a shock absorber.  An air space had to be provided in the shock absorber reservoir to accommodate the expansion of the oil.  Hence, the shock absorber bag, (also known as a strut, dampener, or gas bag) was born.

How it Works.

In operation, the oil in the reservoir is severely agitated and the air mixes with the oil.  The aerated oil is compressible, so when it goes from the reservoir into the working chamber, it results in a momentary loss of control known as compression lag.  This is a noticeable, sudden ‘jerk’ movement in the ride of a vehicle.

The Basics.

As a vehicle is driven, there is a minute loss of oil which passes through the seal and evaporates.  At the same time this is going on, small amounts of hydrocarbon vapors from the shock oil go through the nylon film and cause an increase in the volume of the bag.  This growth helps compensate for the oil loss.

Numerous methods have been used throughout the years to try and control the aeration of oil inside the shock; including dual springs on the control valve, spiral grooves rolled in the reservoir tube and baffle tubes and rings.  Although these methods work slightly well, they do not resolve the issue of compression lag.

TBC’s shock absorber bag provides a positive separation of the gas and the oil and thus, solves the compression lag problem.

Shock Bag Leader.

Don’t let the competition fool you; we are OEM and the leading manufacturer of shock absorber bags throughout the world.  We pride ourselves on providing a quality product that exceeds all other imitation products out on the market today. As a customer of The Brown Company, you can rest assured that you have found a company that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


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