From Automobiles to Manufacturing…and Beyond

The idea for our shock absorber bags came from the auto industry, but our technology and approach has evolved to serve many different sectors.
All-terrain vehicles

When encountering rough or uneven terrain, shock absorber bags come in handy to protect the vehicle and its operator.

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Railway and high-speed trains

Fast-moving vehicles and equipment need the support of shock absorber bags to ensure a smoother and more efficient ride.

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Racing vehicles

There’s a lot of stress placed on the infrastructure of racing vehicles. Reducing compression lag is a primary function of our shock absorber bags.

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Agricultural equipment
Much like construction, agricultural equipment is heavy duty and performs occasionally strenuous work.

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Most construction equipment is heavy duty and asked to perform arduous work; The Brown Company’s shock absorber bags help in these applications.

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Light and heavy-duty suspension systems
The Brown Company’s shock absorber bags perform at a high level in both applications and ensure controlled aeration of oil.

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