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Shock absorber bags, also known as "strut" or "dampener bags", are a unique product used to control the aeration of oil inside of a shock. The addition of the bag aids in dampening suspension noise, reducing compression lag and “jerk” motion, and maximizing the long-term performance of shocks.

So, where did the idea for a proprietary shock absorber bag come from? It’s actually quite simple: we heard from customers that they were having issues related to twin-tube shocks and through collaborative engineering efforts, the product was produced.

Fast forward from our inception in 2007 to today, we are now proudly the trusted supplier partners of global brands in a variety of industries.


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All-terrain vehicles

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Railway and high-speed trains

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Racing vehicles

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Agricultural equipment

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Light and heavy-duty suspension systems

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What Makes Us Different

We’re focused on each individual customer and the application or industry they serve. With every single product, you can expect the highest quality, state-of-the-art precision engineering and personalized service. Our products might be available around the world, but at heart, we’re a small-town company that will make you feel right at home.

We understand the importance of high quality bags to support the performance of twin tube suspension shocks. That’s why our team dedicates significant time to ensure every production run is clear of any defects.

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Since our products are used within a variety of different industries and applications, our engineering team works by your side from start to finish to ensure all specs, quantities and special needs are fulfilled.

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As markets shift and change, you need a trusted supplier partner that is able to stay agile and work with you. Our dedicated account managers are quick to
respond to ensure all requests and deadlines are met.

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