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The Brown Company Of Findlay “TBC” is an Ohio based manufacturer of Shock/Strut/Dampner bags, custom injection molding and Northwest Ohio’s leading Sort/Containment/Reworking facility.


The Brown Company is “Where Quality Happens.” Every day, we endeavor to redefine the term “world-class quality.” With quality at the heart of everything we do, we consistently meet goals and set higher standards for the future. As we improve, we do not stop when our customers’ expectations are met. We continue to strive towards excellence, meeting our customers’ expectations, and surpassing our goals. At TBC, we aim to provide the absolute best for our customers while pushing the limits of how quality is perceived, defined, and accomplished.

When quality goals and standards are met, this leads to positive repercussions for your company. Meeting the most stringent requirements minimizes your total cost and further influences your relationship with your customers. The Brown Company has built a reputation that is contingent on the success of our customers, and we are driven and proud to help each customer accomplish projects quickly and efficiently. We understand that the products we tailor for your needs not only determine our reputation, but yours as well.

As an ISO-9001 registered company, TBC prides itself on a long history of providing high-quality product to the marketplace. We continue to improve our ISO quality management process, which is the core template of how we manage all aspects of our business. From product quality to service levels and business metrics, we drive continuous improvement every day.

As we move into the future, we look forward to helping our customers solve the challenges that allow for prosperity and success with the utmost integrity.


The Brown Company was purchased by Mel & Pam Brown in 2007 and has continued a commitment to contract manufacturing and project execution excellence. We will always work with your needs, no matter how big or small. TBC has always prided itself on providing the highest quality products to our customers, paired with superior service and competitive pricing.

Corporate Responsibility


The Brown Company takes pride in providing superior products at competitive prices. We aim to accommodate the needs of our clients by providing unmatched customer service and consistency in all areas of business. Some of our clients drop ship products to us, and others have us ship their finished product directly to their customers. Daily pick-up and delivery are both available to provide convenient options for our clients. Regardless of the size or length of your project, we offer skilled labor and ample warehouse space—all at a lower overhead cost to you.

Shock/Strut/Dampner Bags

What Are Shock/Strut/Dampner Bags?

Dampner bags (also called shock absorber bags or strut bags) are a unique product that is used to control the aeration of oil in shock absorbers. When shock absorbers are in use, the oil in the reservoir gets severely agitated and mixed with air. This makes the oil compressible, so when it is transferred from the reservoir to the working chamber, this compression causes a momentary loss of control known as compression lag.

TBC's shock absorber bags provide a positive separation of the gas and oil mixture, solving the compression lag issue for vehicles. Using hydrocarbon vapor and nylon film, the air and oil mixture volume can be controlled and maintained, even at very high temperatures and yet is able to withstand significant use for extended periods of time.

Where are Dampner bags used?

Shock/Strut/Dampner bags were originally developed for use in automobiles. Along with the automotive industry we have since branched out into numerous commercial and recreational vehicle applications. TBC takes pride in being the leading manufacturer of Shock/Strut/Dampener bags through out the world. We currently have the capability to manufacturer 125 different bags.

Today these bags can be found in snowmobiles, ATVs, high speed trains, dirt/sprint track cars, and many additional applications.

How can I order from TBC?

Shock/Strut/Dampner bags can be ordered directly from TBC. Please contact us for a quote.


Shock Absorber Bags

Shock absorber bags can be found in a variety of automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket industry applications. TBC's shock absorber bags are used for the following, in both domestic and international markets:

  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Snow mobiles
  • Racing vehicles
  • Both light and heavy duty suspension systems

The Brown Company currently ships products globally. If our services can be of help to you, please call us at (419) 425-3002.


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